While our membership is as varied as the colors of the glazes we use, our common bond is a love of clay!

Viva la vida en Barro!  Long Live Clay Life!

The Potters' Guild of Las Cruces starts off another busy year in 2015.  Members have been organizing exhibitions, coordinating orders for clay related materials, swapping excess materials and just having fun playing in the mud!  Potters continue to bring energy and ideas to the group and many new members have joined in order to participate in annual shows, sales, demonstrations and community service projects.  Many friendships have been formed and countless pottery tips exchanged during monthly meetings.  Members are working on entries for the next From the Ground Up and will soon begin the task of crafting another thousand bowls to raise funds for the local soup kitchen.  Recently, a small group participated in a wood firing at Glenn Schwaiger's Agave Arts Studio on Valley Drive.  Many hours were spent splitting and stacking wood to prepare for a labor intensive firing on a moonlit night.  The happy results are reflected in our members faces!


Our Goals

The group's goals are:

  • To provide a forum for learning and discussion

  • To foster the education of the arts

  • To organize workshops about clay

  • To sponsor exhibitions and sales of our members' work

  • To promote community service

 How to Contact Us

Contact us via email at pglc@q.com or visit us on Facebook

You can also contact us in writing at PO Box 3656, Las Cruces, NM 88003